Premier In Ear Monitor Cable

LUNE series MKV

The Lune utilizes Null Audio's bespoke made silver/rare metal fusion material as high performance conductors, quad braided to reduce low range and interference noises 

Premium Upgrade cable

It minimizes transmission phase shifts and distortions while providing immense clarity over the sound realm with better depth, width, image focus and finer low range resolution 

For Headphone & IEM

The Lune is of light weight, terminated with proprietary copper audio connectors,it draws on the best of both functionality and aesthetic of the cable world. 


 The Arete Series MKIII Cable is made of premium grade multi-stranded OCC Copper conductor. Combined with elastic insulation material, Arete series cable offers the most flexible (when select with Nylon sleeve) earphone cable solution on market 

Premium Upgrade cable

The cable itself is quad braided to reduce low range distortion and interference for max performance and offers dynamic and euphonic sound presentation. 

For Earphones

This cable carries very little memory effect nor microphonics. If you are looking for cable for extreme comfort and mobile/outdoor usage, this is the best solution for you! 

Please "click" below for Datasheets

Lune Series MKV Premium Cable (pdf)


Arete Series MKIII Premium Cable (pdf)